Retirement Expo ‘17

The Oregon Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) and Oregon Savings Growth Plan (OSGP) invite you to our 12th annual National Retirement Security Week (NRSW) event at the Salem Convention Center on October 12 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.! In our effort to help increase your retirement confidence, this year’s expo will include retirement information from:

  • PERS and OSGP
  • Social Security
  • PERS Health Insurance
  • Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services
  • OSGP/VOYA OrangeMoney
  • NorthWest Senior and Disability Services (SHIBA and SMP)
  • Oregon State Lands (Unclaimed Money)
  • and much more!

For more information and to register for a presentation, please visit our event website

2017 Pay Dates

Pay PeriodLWOP Entry Date Pay DateMid-Month Pay Date
August 2017Aug 28, 2017Sep 01, 2017Sep 15, 2017
September 2017Sep 25, 2017Sep 29, 2017Oct 13, 2017
October 2017Oct 26, 2017Nov 01, 2017Nov 15, 2017
November 2017Nov 27, 2017Dec 01, 2017Dec 15, 2017
December 2017Dec 26, 2017Jan 02, 2018Jan 12, 2018

Entries involving Leave Without Pay (LWOP) must be entered by the above dates to prevent overpayment situations. Please contact your payroll office if you need assistance.